May 2020

Your safety and comfort are of the utmost importance to us when you return to the salon.

As we transition back into the salon, we have assembled a set of hygiene guidelines and safety protocols.

We have taken recommendations from the Saskatchewan, Manitoba and government websites, as well as the Georgia State Board of Cosmetologists and Barbers, World Health Organization, Centres for Disease Control & Prevention, and the Beauty Council of Western Canada.   We will be using these regulations in conjunction with existing Alberta Health and Safety regulations.

We have gathered as much information as possible in creating these protocols, because we want you to feel safe, comfortable and confident that we have prepared both the salon and the staff with the highest precautionary measures.   Together we can move beyond the doubt and discover our new path.


Our ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone can be safe, healthy, and look and feel great.  There are a few things you can do to help us achieve these goals.

  • At the time of booking or anytime up to the appointment, please be aware of your health status.
  •   If this changes or you feel you may have been exposed, please rebook the appointment
  • Please arrive at the salon no more than 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.
  •   We will need to limit the number of people within the salon and ask there be no accompanying guests during salon visits.
  • Parents, drivers, dependents, friends, family and caregivers are asked to remain outside of the salon.
  • We are considering the use of a touch less infrared thermometer when one becomes available.  Anyone with an elevated temperature will be asked to rebook.
  • If possible, have your own mask which loop around the ear.  The salon has a limited number of cloth masks that can be fully washed and sanitized between uses, for staff and client safety.
  • Upon entering the salon please wash your hands thoroughly while changing.
  • Wipes will be available for personal devices such as cell phones and/or ipads.  Unfortunately all magazines must be removed for the time being.
  • Avoid bringing excess belongings to the salon when possible.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the salon.

Stylist Precautions

As of yet there are no set regulations for Alberta, however we are proceeding with several new protocols to protect us all.

  • Stylist will monitor their own health and reschedule if feeling any symptoms.
  • Extra time between appointments will be taken whenever possible to accommodate preparation and sanitizing.
  • Protective gear will be worn and changed between each client.  This includes
    • masks
    • protective eye wear or shields
    • gloves when possible
    • protective gowns or aprons
  • All equipment used per client will be sanitized including scissors, clippers, combs,  brushes, clips, anything coming into contact with the client.
  • Workstations and styling chairs will be sanitized between all clients.
  • Hood dryers and chairs will be sanitized between client use.

Social Distancing

 The maximum persons allowable in a space are 10  or  1 per 10 sq meters whichever is less. As the salon is just over 86 sq meters we will not have over 8 persons in the salon at the same time.

There will only be 2 stylists working at the same time with an empty station between  (7 feet).

We have rearranged some areas of the salon to help maintain social distancing.

Dividers have been placed between wash stations.

Reception Area

These items will be cleaned between all clients

  • desk surface
  • moneris machine
  • computer keyboard
  • front door handles
  • waiting chairs
  • phone

Electronic payment forms are preferred including Bank card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and E-Transfers to

All cash on premise has been sanitized.  Cash payments and /or tips will be accepted using gloves and be placed into plastic bags for sanitizing.

Items removed from this area during this time are

  • extra waiting chairs
  • magazines
  • self serve beverage area
  • toys
  • candy jar
  • pillows

Retail Areas

All retail shelving and products have been cleaned prior to reopening and will be maintained weekly.

Please ask for assistance for any sampling purposes. We will be happy to help.

Shampoo Area

This area has divider screens placed between the sink/chairs providing as much physical distance as possible. Each wash station will be cleaned between clients

  • basin
  • chair armrests
  • neck cover
  • foot stools

Bathrooms/ Change rooms

As always these rooms will be fulled cleaned 3 times per day. We are adding frequent wipe downs for door handles, taps and light switches.

We are also adding paper hand towels for your convenience during this time.

Laundry area

All fabric items used in the salon will be 1 use only.

All laundry is done on site. Extra hot settings and sanitizing settings will be used in both wash and drying cycles.

Laundry machines filters shall be sanitized daily.

All plastic caps and gloves wash and reuse recycling will be suspended.

Backroom\Prep Areas

Colour equipment and tools will be sanitized between all uses

  • colour brushes
  • hilite combs
  • bowls
  • trolleys

Counter tops and surfaces shall be continually cleaned throughout the work day.

Garbage and recycling shall be emptied and cleaned daily.

Specialized Cleaning Products

These products are used over and above the regular household cleaners and detergents.

  • Preempt RTU -is a full range disinfectant which combats bacteria, virus, tuberculosis etc…  we have added the wipes for quick cleaning of common areas such as door handles, reception area,  computers. The liquid spray is used for hard surfaces, chairs, shampoo bowls, screens. 3 minute contact time.
  • Barbicide- is an industry standard for contact disinfecting of submersible tools,  ie combs clips etc. 10 minute contact time.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol -is used on all non-submersible equipment such as scissors,  some brushes, clipper heads, etc. 1 minute contact time.
  • Clipperside – an aerosol product by Barbicide used to sanitize and condition electric clipper blades. 1 minute contact time.

These protocols have been compiled from the best information available at this time.  We will endeavor to keep apprised of all new information and regulations regarding Covid-19.

We are excited to welcome you back.

The safety of our customers and staff is our main priority. We want you to know, throughout our salon, and even before we see you, that we have safeguarded your health and comfort.

See you soon.